3000 PSI Economy Tie Rod

The Maxim Tie-Rod Cylinder is our lowest priced 3,000 PSI tie-rod cylinder design to perform in the Agricultural industry as well as other industries. When price is the most important thing you should not have to give up quality. We have thoroughly tested these cylinders to our standards for quality and performance and they meet or exceed them. Painted black. Designed for double-acting applications only.

  • Intended User: Double-acting applications
  • Piston: Ductile iron
  • Piston Lock Nut: Grade 8, high tensile zinc-plated
  • Gland: Ductile iron ASTM A536 65-45-12
  • Tube: High tensile cold drawn tube, precision honed for extended seal life
  • Tube seal: O-ring
  • Rod: High tensile SAE C1045, ground & polished hard chrome plated rod
  • Rod seal: Std PolyPak with B lip design (Polyurethane U-cup with nitrile O-ring expander)
  • Wiper: Polyurethane
  • End Mounts: Female Rod Clevis Ductile iron with pins and clips included
  • Clevis Clamp Bolt: Grade 8.8
  • Clevis Clamp Nut: Grade 8
  • Pin and Pin clip: High tensile zinc-plated steel
  • Piston ID Seal: O-ring
  • Piston OD seal: Bronze impregnated PTFE piston ring w/rectangular CS nitrile expander
  • Tie Rod: ASTM 5140, high tensile, rolled threads for durability
  • Tie rod nut: Grade 8
  • Cap: Ductile iron ASTM A536 65-45-12
  • Port Plug (shipping): Plastic
  • Port Plug(Sealed): Steel w/teflon tape
  • Paint: Black
  • Packaging: Individually poly bagged and boxed

Please call to verify your cylinder order; shipping rates and availability may vary by location.