3000 PSI Agricultural Tie-Rod

These 3000 PSI cylinders are available in bore sizes from 2" to 5" and stroke sizes from 4" to 60". ChiefTC3 cylinders are backed by a 4-year limited warranty and are ideal for construction and agricultural applications.

  • Intended Use: Double-acting applications
  • Piston: Ductile iron
  • Gland: Ductile iron, drilled oil passages
  • Tube: Precision honed steel
  • Rod: Hard chrome plated
  • End Mounts: High strength, ductile iron female clevises with pins and R-clips included
  • Tube Seal: Buna O-ring with Polytemp hytrel backup
  • Rod Seal: Twin lip design for a dry rod
  • Rod Wiper: D style prevents contamination
  • Piston Seal: Hallite 755 for prolonged wear resistance (Wear ring on 5 bore)
  • All Seals: Manufactured to US specifications
  • Ports: SAE O-ring
  • Paint: Red, unless otherwise indicated. Custom colors are available.
  • Packaging: Individually poly bagged.

Please call to verify your cylinder order; shipping rates and availability may vary by location.